It’s a new year, a new decade, and the perfect time to set some new year resolutions. As a buyer in the real estate market, what can you do to ensure you kickstart your resolutions? Well, if you’re looking to buy a new home in 2024, we have some great resolutions for you to start your year.

In this blog post, we will help you create a checklist and guide you on what to include in your resolutions list. Let’s dive in!


Develop a realistic budget

One of the most important resolutions you can make as a homebuyer in 2024 is to set a realistic budget. Identify what you can realistically afford with your current income and expenses. Don’t forget to consider all the extra costs such as closing fees, maintenance, and repairs. Take into consideration your lifestyle and dreams. Do you have plans for vacations, travel, or other things in your life where you might need extra cash? Develop a budget that supports both your current and future goals.


Start your research early

Starting your research early for your dream house will give you an advantage when you start to purchase. Start by looking at properties online and start filtering your searches to your preferred neighborhoods. Look at the features that the house offers and whether they align with your preferences. Make sure to read up on everything that is important for choosing the best possible house for your needs.


Build a network with the right team

Building a network is an important resolution when you are a homebuyer, and finding the right real estate agent, lender, and home inspector is key. Your real estate agent will help you find the perfect home, while a lender assists you in finding the right financing, and a home inspector will get your home inspected. It is important to build a network of experts you can trust and depend on.


Attend home-buying workshops

A great resolution for buyers in 2024 is to attend home-buying workshops that can help you have a better understanding of the market. Look out for workshops that touch on the latest terms and emerging trends in real estate. This way, you will be in the know of everything that is happening in the home-buying world and are better-equipped to make informed decisions.


Get pre-approved early

Getting pre-approved early is a great resolution for buyers in 2024. It gives you a head start because you’ll have a better idea of what you can realistically afford before you start shopping for a home. Also, you’ll have an advantage over other buyers because the seller will see that you are a serious buyer since you have already been pre-approved for a mortgage.

Purchasing a home is a big decision and a resolution to make in 2024. By setting realistic budgets, starting your research early, building a network, attending home-buying workshops, and getting pre-approved early are the five top resolutions you can make. They will give you a head start and allow you to make the right decisions in the home-buying process in 2024. Be sure to follow through with these resolutions and remember to celebrate and enjoy everything that comes with purchasing your dream home.




Peter Cunha is a broker/salesperson at Real Broker LLC. He has been in the real estate industry for over 10 years, specializing in commercial and residential real estate. He enjoys helping people find their new home whether they are first time homebuyers or savvy investors.

He is one of the biggest and brightest realtors in Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean County.

Currently living in Lincroft NJ, Peter enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter (Amber and Keira), three dogs (named Twizzler, Batman and Peanut), playing chess; listening to music; watching movies; traveling; enjoying nature walks on beaches or through local parks.


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