If you are thinking about relocating to New Jersey, one town that you might be considering is Middletown. Middletown is a township located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, that is home to over 67,000 people. It is an attractive option for homebuyers because of its attractive landscape, thriving economy, highly rated schools, and convenient location in the New York Metropolitan Area.

This post will explore whether Middletown, NJ, is a good place to live.


Housing Cost

One of the significant determinants of whether a place is a good one to live in is the cost of housing. The median home value in Middletown is around $450,500, which is a bit higher than the national median of $244,900. However, the higher cost of living is justified by the corresponding high standard of living that the area boasts. Residents of Middletown enjoy well-manicured townships, low crime rates, and improved infrastructure that can handle the demands of this populous locality.

Moreover, if you are planning to rent a property, then be prepared to spend more than the national average, as the median rent price in Middletown is around $1,394, which is also higher than the national median of $1,163. Nonetheless, compared to the other cities of the New York Metropolitan Area, which is undeniably one of the most expensive places to live, Middletown could be deemed on the affordable side.

In addition to its reasonably priced living cost, Middletown offers its residents a well-rounded set of amenities. The city offers an extensive selection of highly-rated public and private schools that attract families with school-going children, while the diverse range of recreation facilities provides residents with numerous healthy entertainment alternatives. Some of the amenities include playgrounds, community courses, parks, the Henry Hudson Trail, and the Sandy Hook National Park. While maintaining a family-friendly vibe, Middletown also possesses a strong social scene, including areas like the Red Bank entertainment district that offers nightlife entertainment options.

Aside from entertainment, Middletown’s economy is equally stable and thriving. The city has a diverse pool of industries ranging from agriculture to manufacturing, with plenty of job opportunities for skilled and entry-level workers. As one of the most prosperous economies in the region, Middletown is home to many businesses, both international conglomerates and small, budding startups offering a wide variety of jobs.

All considered, Middletown is a charming town that deserves a spot on your list of places to move in New Jersey if you’re looking for a good quality of living. It has a reasonable cost of living, superb amenities, excellent schools, a thriving economy, and, of course, the natural beauty that comes with residing in one of the USA’s most beautiful regions. Therefore, if you’re looking for a town that delivers a comprehensive set of resources suitable for families of all sizes, Middletown NJ is undoubtedly a place you should have a look at.




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