It’s that pleasant time of the year when the cool breeze of autumn greets the vibrant colors of fall leaves, and families prepare for the ultimate Thanksgiving feast. But before we loosen our belts and enjoy our lovely turkey dinner, let’s discuss something that most New Jerseyans are thankful for. It may seem silly, but one of the things I am most grateful for as a New Jerseyan is that we don’t have to pump our gas!

I know people who live in other states, and every time they complain about what they have to do while filling up their gas tanks, all I have to say is; better you than me! If you’re not from New Jersey, then you may not be aware that it is illegal to pump your gas in the lovely state of New Jersey. It may sound difficult, but trust us when we say it’s awesome. We leave the dirty job to the experienced gasoline attendants. It’s an excellent system, and we’re happy to embrace it.

On the other hand, gas attendants have gone through years of training, so they have the knowledge and experience to keep everybody safe. Yes, it may sound amusing to see a 40-year-old man struggling with a gas pump in some other state, but it’s a recipe for disaster. In NJ, we leave the pumping to the experts, and it makes our lives easier. You probably do not have to worry about the gas you buy, and you get the best help with it too!

Additionally, I’ve heard countless stories of people struggling with pumps in the middle of a blizzard or a heavy rainstorm. Your car dies on the roadside, and all you need is a one-minute interaction with some blasts of freezing air squeezing fumes from the pump into your car. It sounds like a nightmare. Such a scenario is unlikely in New Jersey. We stay in the warmth of our cars while the attendant handles the gas.

Moreover, it’s always fascinating to watch the gas station attendants’ work diligently – getting our cards, giving back change, checking our oil, and maintaining a steady flow of cars. There is a wave of nostalgia that everyone feels when we’re in the car, watching the attendant fill the car’s tank. The simplicity of the task makes you feel like you’re in a classic movie set in the past.

One of the things we are most grateful for in New Jersey is that we don’t have to pump our gas. It’s a unique aspect of the Garden State, and it’s something we’re proud of. It’s not because we’re lazy or anything –far from it; it’s because we understand the value of hardworking people. The experience of pulling up to a gas station and having someone expertly pump your gas is a ritual that we adore. It might sound simple and insignificant, but it’s the little things in life that matter, right?

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