As the holidays approach, many people start to question whether or not they should list their homes. Is it worth the hassle? Should you be listing over the holidays? Will anyone buy in the midst of the holiday chaos?

In this blog, we will explore the factors whether or not listing over the holidays is a good idea.


Less Competition

Because many homeowners decide to take their homes off the market during the holidays, it means there are fewer listings to compete with. This is to your advantage because there will be fewer choices for buyers, making it more likely that your home will stand out and be seen as a desirable option.


Serendipitous Buyers

There will be people checking out neighborhoods while they visit relatives during the holidays or vacationing nearby. By listing your home during the holidays, you increase your chances of having these potential buyers stumble upon your house.


Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Buyers are likely to be more emotionally connected to a home that exudes the holiday spirit. With a beautifully-decorated home, scented candles, and cozy fireplace, you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will attract buyers on a visceral level. Think of it this way: people shop with their hearts, and emotions influence their decisions.


Motivated Buyers

The holiday season is a time of change, and many people start to think about what they want for the new year. There will be buyers who are highly motivated to close on a new home before the end of the year for tax reasons or to have a fresh start for the new year. By listing your home during this period, you will attract buyers who are serious about making a purchase.


Get ahead of the New Year Rush

The start of the new year is typically a busy time for real estate agents and the market as a whole. Listing your home in the middle of the holiday season will give you a head start over the competition and get your home in front of potential buyers who are ready to make a move before the new year rush begins.

So, should you list your home during the holidays? Absolutely! The advantages of doing so outweigh the negatives. Fewer homes on the market mean more interested buyers. The holiday spirit brings an emotional connection that buyers look for, and change around the corner heightens their motivation to purchase. It is the perfect time to get ahead of the competition and stand out as the best option to your potential buyers. So decorate your home, put up that “For Sale” sign, and get ready to end the year with a bang. This could be the best Christmas present you give to yourself.


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