If you’re in the market for a new home or just curious about the different neighborhoods in Middletown, then this blog post is for you! Middletown is a large town in Monmouth County, New Jersey that is home to a variety of neighborhoods each with their own unique character and charm. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, this blog will provide an overview of the different neighborhoods in Middletown.

North Middletown

North Middletown, a residential area near the beaches and the waterfront, is situated on Middletown’s northern boundary. Apartments, single-family homes, and multi-family homes are all present in this area. It is simple to bike or walk to the neighboring parks and schools because the streets are lined with sidewalks.

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, a neighborhood in Middletown’s south, is renowned for its expansive mansions and abundance of green space. Chapel Hill has a large number of houses that were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s and feature distinctive mid-century modern architecture. The Chapel Hill Golf Course, which offers stunning views of the hills and woods nearby, is also located in the neighborhood.


Located in Middletown’s center, Fairview is a neighborhood with a high population density. The area is a popular choice for families and commuters because it contains a mix of single-family houses and apartments. The neighborhood’s hub for retail and dining is the Fairview Shopping Center, which is situated there.


Western Middletown contains the long-established neighborhood of Lincroft. The huge homes and roomy yards in this area are well-known. The Lincroft Village Green is a well-liked gathering place for neighborhood festivals and gatherings. Brookdale Community College, which offers options for higher education in the neighborhood, is also located in Lincroft.

Sandy Hook

On Middletown’s furthest northern point, there is a distinctive community called Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook National Park, which has lovely beaches, hiking trails, and historical sites, is located in this neighborhood. Homes in Sandy Hook that were constructed in the early 1900s often feature stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding area.

Middletown offers a variety of communities, so there is something for everyone. Middletown has everything you might want, whether you’re seeking a peaceful countryside hideaway or a busy downtown environment. We trust that this blog gave you a useful overview of Middletown’s various neighborhoods. Visit our website for more!

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